The Distractions Podcast Presents:

The Pack

The Pack is a Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition adventure in which each character is some form of werewolf, some by birthright, others by bite. The Pack must band together to take on a series of difficult tasks and overcome the struggles of their afflictions to change the realm in which they live. Where their adventures take them, and who will come out on top, is anyone's guess.

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Fate of Heroes

A FATE Accelerated system adventure featuring a motley crew of misfits, brought together by a testy old man to use their abilities to aid in the protection of their city and the world.


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star wars .jpg

Dawn of Destiny

A Star Wars Saga adventure game featuring a collection of force wielders and a unruly Ewok looking for adventure.

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Xeadin Saga

A wizard named Tiras Arewll gathers a group of adventures to help The Northern Kingdom, but the plans he has are broken and now they must act quick or the whole Terris could fall. Join Nelson, Misha, Declan, and their band as they battle the forces of evil.

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