Distractions Cast

A podcast feed including role playing games different than Dungeons and Dragons

FOH Season 4.png

Fate of Heroes

A FATE Accelerated system adventure featuring a motley crew of misfits, brought together by a testy old man to use their abilities to aid in the protection of their city and the world.

VE season 3.jpg

Vendetta Effect

Special Agents from Shush battle the cold war and strange phenomenons. A story from the Fate of Heroes Universe.

RUH logo 2.jpg

Really Unlikely Heroes

The story of 3 adventurers who have no idea what they are doing or if they can last long enough to actually accomplish anything.

WSIT logo.jpg

What Space Is This?

Space the final frontier… unless you are a collection of a holographic doctor, a squishy octo-alien, a computer and a bunch of hamsters with a hive mind.