Dungeons And Distractions is a Dungeons and Dragons active-play podcast which began as a "fancast" paying homage to our friends over at Dungeons and Randomness.  The Dungeons & Distractions podcast focuses on bringing various individuals from the D&R community together, both to talk about their experiences with the show as well as play in the various Dungeons & Dragons campaigns we run. The show has three segments: Episodes, plot-driven campaigns featuring mostly stable casts; Discussions, including group panels and interviews with D&R cast members; and Diversions, side games designed to allow us to play with community members.  Join the Crew as they make their way across the island-chain of Tyrna, stumbling ass-backwards into chaos, mayhem, and friendship... then more chaos and mayhem.

If you so desire, contact Dungeons & Distractions at DandDpod@gmail.com or on Twitter @DandDpod.