Dungeons & Distractions

Our original podcast, the tales began in March of 2014 with a group of adventurers out to make a difference in the world and some profit. Trouble and strife have followed ever since.

Dungeon Master Webby leads the cast through the twist and turns in a dark and twisted fantasy world filled with danger, betrayal, romance, earth shattering events, and comedy.

Our Cast

Anthony Chan - @dvdchan90@Glimweaver90

Anthony was born in wonderful Long Beach, CA until forced to move to the hot/smelly Central Valley. He eventually had the chance ot leave when he attended UC Davis. He had always wanted to play DnD but never found a group to do it with. Finally, he found a group to play with at UC Davis and that got him hooked.  He eventually graduated from UC Davis and also graduated from a small dnd group to the Dungeons and Distractions podcast.

Austin Chaudoin - @Seezyof300@TNightbreeze@DandDpod

Austin Chaudoin. The Man, The Myth, The God.  He enjoys drinking and chatting with his buddies, playing games (of both the "computer" and "tabletop" persuasion), interesting movies/ tv, and long walks on the beach.  His blood boils when the opportunity arises to make bad puns and dumb jokes.  Currently he is involved with three podcast feeds; Dungeons and Distractions, and The Distractions Podcast.

On Dungeons and Distractions, Austin plays Talon Nightbreeze: the smooth-talking, first-reaction, trouble-magnet half-elf ranger.  His trusty sidekick is a majestic-as-fuck panther from the Fey Wild named Zidane. In The Pack (featured on The Distractions Podcast) he plays a broken, family-oriented Blackgaurd Human-Werewolf, Korbin Thiahan. Also, Austin always has a trick or two up his game-mastering sleeves, so be on the lookout for those when they surface.

His eyes are filled with dreams of writing and drawing animation full-time.

Watch out for Austin Chaudoin, because the future holds bright things for this man.

-Austin Chaudoin, November 2014      

Jon Williams - @LinsteadDM

Jonathan Williams is a husband to his lovely wife and father to six kids. After deciding he had enough free time, he decided to use the last of it up with podcasting, thus bringing us, well, here.

Jon is the host of the Welsh History Podcast and game master for the Fate of Heroes Podcast.

Jon also streams on Twitch and Beam under his alter ego Linstead.

Blogger, podcaster, gamer, father, and sports fanatic. Also, officially a teddy bear.

Robert Wanless - @MinGoose

Legacy programmer by day, Creator by night. 

Over all Robert is a relaxed intelligent man with many different interest. Among those interest are playing board games, video games, and Role Playing games. He currently plays in the Dungeons and Distractions 4E game as Rachel Rose, the healer of the group. Robert doesn't say much in-game, unless approached by others, but when he does, it is because he has something of weight and significance to say. Robert is also the Guiding Hand for The Pack. He believes that creating that story has definitely been a fun and new experience. When he is not gaming, Robert likes to cook all the special meals, or spend time with his church family.

Chris Quigley - @DMP_Chris

Chris Quigley is a simple man with simple needs. He may not have yet lost all his marbles, but there is definitely a hole in the bag. Chris comes from a large family in North Carolina, where he currently resides. He loves to write, read, and talk about the goofy junk that happens in his head. Chris is involved in all podcasts and projects currently listed on this site, in some way or another. He loves to teach people how to play.

He also makes a pretty dank grilled cheese sammich.

Patrick Webster - @jaxforestwalker

Patrick Webster, or "Webby" as most people call him, is from a small town in New Hampshire. Machinist by day, part-time podcaster by night, but Geek/Nerd 24/7.  Patrick has been playing D&D since his freshman year in high school. He has made a few appearances on the Dungeons and Distractions podcast as both a guest on the main 4e story, and as a semi-regular in their 5th Edition games. More recently, he's joined the The Pack On The Distractions Podcast as Jax Forestwalker, the Minotaur Fighter with a love for blood and gore.

Devin Deas - @DMP_Pookie

Devin is a 20-something avid lover of tabletop rpg’s, video games, comic books, and all things "nerd." He first fell in love with tabletop rpg’s at his friend's 11th birthday party where he and his friends played a 2nd edition D&D game that was run by his friend's older brother. After that, Devin has continued to consume all things rpg and has branched out to a wide variety of games and genres, and is one day looking to write his own epic campaign.

Robert Edquist - @Confessor_X

Robert lives in a small town in Connecticut with his dog Matilda. His family instilled in him a love for games of all kinds and they still get together once a week for game night. He's a Dog Trainer, an actor for the Piedmont Players, gamer, hiker, geocacher and aspiring writer. He auditioned for the part of narrator for the recap episodes and since then has appeared as Alex, the time controlling ace reporter in Fate of Heroes; Zed, the human bard with visions of the future in Will of the Gods; Spencer the Australian agent of SHUSH that has a problem staying serious on The Vendetta Effect; and Tripp the mysteruous man who stirs up trouble on Dungeons and Distractions. Sometimes he edits when he's not binge watching Netflix.