Distractions Media on Twitch

Be it fundraising, role playing, or straight up video games here is the starting point for all our live streams. Webby controls the Distractions feed and will be putting up a schedule shortly.

Austin on Twitch

Austin features live Dungeons and Dragons role play on his feed and some creative drawings. Usually Wednesday evenings.

Jon on Twitch

Jon can be found on Twitch running around playing strategy games, first person shooters, and other more chill games on his LinsteadDM channel. He streams Monday, Thursday and Sunday.

Robert on Beam Pro

Mingoose has been a streamer for a while and will stream via Beam Pro when the group is playing things like Left 4 Dead 2, Overwatch and more.

Tamara on Twitch

Tamara plays anything from Alien Isolation, Minecraft, Overwatch, and the ridiculous Goat Simulator. She usually streams Thursday and Sunday nights.