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 Since 2015 we have been having fun and playing games on the Twitch platform. Our streams have brought us laughter, excitement, community, and continued strength. Here are a few of our streamers we hope you will follow them.

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Distractions Media

Be it fundraising, role playing, or straight up video games here is the starting point for all our live streams.

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Jon can be found on Twitch running around playing strategy games, first person shooters, and other more chill games on his LinsteadDM channel. He streams Monday, Wednesday and Sunday.
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Tamara plays anything from Ark, Minecraft, PUBG, and the ridiculous Goat Simulator. She usually streams Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday nights.
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Rob E.

Rob and his dog Matilda love playing PUBG, Dead By Daylight, and now GTA. He streams Monday, and Friday.
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Bea is our resident Yogscast member extraordinaire from the UK. She is streaming regularly most days in the evening UK time and loves playing with the rest of Distractions Media Sunday. Her streams start at 7pm UK time.
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Avelos loves all sorts of games from Sims, to MOBA, to anything in between. Join him as he plays games for fun and commentary.
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Ember is an LGBT streamer and YouTuber from the USA. You will often hear her talk about nice pet homes and then murder dungeons in the same sentence. She goes from excited southern girl to Canadian in 2.1 seconds.
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Lori and by extension her daughter Skye manage MsGoodMeows YouTube channel as well Lori streams on her own on Twitch. They are a dynamic duo who create kid friendly content focused mainly on minecraft, and Sims.
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Gamer from the North West of England! She's been gaming ever since she can remember, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and Lara Croft were her childhood! Gaming Youtuber, Twitch Affiliate, and Part time Fox.
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Devin is a big fan of all sorts of genre and you can find him screwing about a lot a number of games. He currently is playing a lot of Disk Jam and Overwatch.
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Webby is our grumpy panda who loves to play games like Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch. Sometimes he can be cajoled into playing Dead by Daylight.
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Goose is returning to Twitch after a number of years away doing a lot of important IRL stuff. He loves playing Overwatch, Minecraft and a number of other games. He also watches esports and loves the OWL.
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