Distractions Media’s 5th Anniversary

In March DM will celebrate 5 years since the first episode of Dungeons and Distractions was released. We are very excited to share this with our fans and friends and hope to make this month a special one for everyone!

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It all started with an idea

In 2014 a group of fans decided they wanted to make a podcast it would be one which would feature recorded game play Dungeons and Dragons sessions. Initially Chris Quigley, Austin Chaudion, and Robert “Goose” Wanless were the first players with Colin Caelin as the first Dungeon Master and host of the podcast. Then on Facebook the group put out a call for more players and it was then that Jon Williams joined as the final member of the first group.

Dungeons and Distractions was born in March 2014, the first intro went out mid month but the series proper began March 31st 2014. Through ups and downs the series continues to this day. Colin the original DM would leave the podcast at the end of 2014. The names have changed at times, the characters as well, but the series is still going strong.

During the summer of 2014 Anthony was added as everyone’s favorite greedy wizard Astonis.

In September of 2014, Jon decided to branch out with a weekly podcast on various subjects of geek culture called Nerdstitute. Each of the original podcast members featured and more fellow travelers followed. It would then be followed by the Distractions Podcast, which would feature Patrick “Webby” Webster, Jake Lasky and Sabrina Elmore who joined the team during those days.

During 2014 Devin Deas, and Em McMahon were important additions as they were recording series within the three podcasts. At the end of 2015 Donnie Brauner joined the crew as a regular member.

As 2015 rolled along Jon decided to change the format of Nerdstitute to feature another live play podcast using the FATE Accelerated system. In May of 2015 Fate of Heroes was born featuring a new member of the team Alana. The Distractions also gained an important addition when Rob Edquist joined in 2016.

In 2016, Webby began a new podcast series initially called Tavern Talk but then renamed and published since the spring of 2017 as Simply Unprofessional. A Geek culture focused podcast that honors the spirit of Nerdstitute while presenting a very different take on things in gaming, movies, TV and general culture.

Distractions Media Productions

In February 2015 Jon and Austin set the groundwork for the Distractions Media YouTube Channel with the first series, called DistractionsCraft (a minecraft adventure series) started at that time. Tamara Horne was brought in initially to star in the series and has gone on to feature in many other things since then. The first couple of series were recorded in the spring of 2015. The third series finished recording in June of 2016. In total we published over 175 videos over three series of content.

DistractionsCraft began its publication on June 7th 2015 and was continually published until August 22, 2016. The final series featured two other sub series being headed by Goose and Tamara which added their own ideas and fun to the channel.

Since that time the channel continues to grow, with various Minecraft series, UHC games, and content still getting featured to this day. There are plans to keep the channel strong going into the future.

DM Streaming and Fundraising

In September 2015, Jon and Austin had a conversation which led to the first ever Distractions Media 24 hour live stream for charity. During the build up to the event Distractions Media joined the Twitch community for the first time. The first stream was an adventure and the group raised over $500 for charity.

Since then they have made this an annual event and to date have raised over $4,600 for various charities. It has become a key calendar event for the group. Jon and Tamara started Twitch channels shortly after the second fundraiser, To be joined over time by Devin, Webby, and Rob Edquist as the new streaming side of Distractions Media.

Also in 2016 Distractions held its first ever DMUHC Minecraft event, won by Goose. Since then Webby and Bea have both been victors.

In 2017 Bea joined Distractions Media, first as a regular guest on Jon’s Sunday morning streams then as a full time member. Later that year Avelos joined the group expanding our YouTube and streaming reach as well as strengthening our lineup of great people.

The following year was increasingly busy as we added 3 more members, Lori, Ember, and Nicola to round out our team of video content producers.

We are 5 years in but we are only just getting started!