Distractions Media Productions


Distractions Media began as a collection of people who wanted to create great content and have fun. We began in March of 2014 with the Dungeons and Distractions podcast. The live gaming podcast was where we all cut our teeth creating content.

In 2015 we started a YouTube channel to create great content for a whole new audience and we later branched out into streaming on Twitch later that year.

Since that time we have created thousands of podcast episodes, videos and streams. We continue to try and improve what we do and make it entertaining while having fun as a group.


2019 is our Fifth Anniversary

Find out about how we began and what is coming up in this amazing year

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Distractions Stream Team

Since 2015 Distractions Media has been on Twitch. Our streamers play a lot of games, enjoy having fun together and are broadcasting almost every single day.


Dungeons & Distractions

Our first podcast bringing the continuing adventures of Talon and the guardians of Cairn

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Fate of Heroes

Fate of Heroes is a podcast feed where games are played that are not Dungeons & Dragons based.

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Culture and Lifestyle Podcasts

From history, content creation, gaming, interviews and doing crazy stunts. These are some fun podcasts!